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Registered Dietitian

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Elizabeth offers her consultations via Zoom, telephone and face-to-face in Falmouth (Covid secure). The price of the consultations is all the same.



Elizabeth will only tell your GP with your agreement. If you are receiving medication for a particular condition, it may be advisable for you to inform your GP before you make dietary changes. Elizabeth can advise you about this.


No, you don’t need to be referred by your GP. If you are worried about your nutrition, then Elizabeth is happy to support you. However, it is advisable to first see your GP if you have any symptoms and get these checked out. This is because they may be indicating an underlying issue which may need further investigation and medically treating prior to dietary treatment.


There are distinct differences between a dietitian, nutritionist, nutritional therapist and nutrition/diet expert. It is up to you to decide who you feel is the best person for you to help with your diet:  




A dietitian is the only nutrition professional regulated by law, and is governed by the Health and Care Professions Council. They work with both sick and healthy people, and their practice is based upon current scientific research. Their role is to:

  • assess their client’s diet, eating habits, lifestyle and medical condition;

  • make a nutritional diagnosis;  

  • provide dietary recommendations;

  • and support the client to put into practice these recommendations.



For more information visit the British Dietetic Association www.bda.uk.com  




A nutritionist is qualified to provide information about food and healthy eating, but they are not able to treat people who are sick without supervision. Some nutritionists are registered with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists to indicate that they are fully trained, but anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.


Nutritional therapist


A nutritional therapist believes that the body has nutritional and biochemical imbalances which causes ill-health. Their practice is based upon complementary medicine. Anyone can practise as a nutritional therapist and they have varying qualifications.


Nutrition or diet expert


A nutrition or diet expert can be anyone who is interested in food and health, and they may have no formal nutrition training.



how do I book an appointment? eat health

You can email hello@eat-health.co.uk or call/text Elizabeth on 07982 824 333  / 01326 316 005

If Elizabeth is not able to take your call she will get back to you within 3 working days.


If you would like to book a consultation/s Elizabeth will first ask you about your dietary concern and ask you to complete a brief booking form over the phone. This will include your personal information, medical information and dietary concern. This information will be kept confidential and secure, and will only be used to prepare for your consultation and for your dietary treatment. 


Elizabeth is usually able to support you after about 2 weeks of making your booking.  Within this time she will ask you to keep a food diary/ food and symptom diary and an activity diary, and complete a food and drink checklist.




Elizabeth takes a holistic approach to nutrition and health, and considers how your life will impact upon you making dietary changes. She aims to be accessible to all, and her practice is based upon current scientific evidence and best practice in dietetics. Your dietary consultation/s will be personal to you and will provide:


The opportunity to talk through your dietary concerns and feel listened to;

  • A thorough check of your current diet and eating habits;

  • Help to build your motivation to make dietary and other lifestyle changes;

  • Guidance, information and skills to eat healthily;

  • Reassurance that the dietary changes you will make are based on best practice and evidence





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